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WinAIO Maker Professional - The All in One Windows Setup Solution

WinAIO Maker, is a professional tool to manage, configure, edit and delete Images into WIMs, being possible, make a Bootable.

About the Software:
  • ISO with mods, Make AIO images [ both architectures ], and Mix multiple WIMs into single Image
  • All is compressed into maximum, for saving space and burn it into single DVD
  • Moreover, the application has other awersome tools for help you into Setup Moding, include Hash Checker and more

  • This is APP has a several modules, you can work with professional features into your custom Windows Setup
  • Select ONE WIM: You will select one WIM, to Edit as [ Delete Images, Rename, Add a Description ] and save it with maximum compression
  • Save WIM: Save all WIMs selected by "Select ONE WIM"
  • x64 Recovery Mode: Trusted enable the x64 Recovery mode into AIO Images
  • With this module, you can convert a All in One WIM, into Single WIM with x86/64 images
  • Select x86/64/More WIM: You will select the specified WIMs to create a AIO DVD, with both architectures, adding more
  • WIMs than 2
  • Save all Into ISO: This is module, will save the first WIM to bootable ISO, you can select label
  • Name/Description: Edit the WIM Name and description present in center text box

Other Modules:
  • AutoAIO: This is an automatic AIO ISO tool, you can select folder to work, x86 and x64 iso, click into "Start Compilation", the program will creates automatically the AIO ISO into Working folder, this is excellent for beginners, AutoAIO is compatible with x64 Recovery Mode, is a Complete Automatic AIO Maker
  • Hash Calculator: Fast calculate MD5 / SHA-1 / CRC32 with all files
  • ISO2Folder: Extract any ISO to folder
  • Folder2ISO: Convert all Windows 6.x Setup folder to bootable ISO
  • Reset APP: Will reset all app for work with other modules

  • This is APP has a strong engineering, what will happen to avoid any crash or error with your System
  • Total-catched for all security
  • Tested on several machines, and results don't indicate any error

  • This is program requires .NET Framework v3.5
  • Works with all < 6.0 WIMs and OS

Latest Hashes for WinAIO Maker Professional v1.1.exe

CRC32: 07F7DB68
MD5: DA2031B6A86C3DA450AC0496389BA107
SHA-1: 01AC8296D1BEE3DBC575644BD8DACB048264FBBA
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  • Developed by Josh Cell Softwares and Alphawaves Corporation
  • Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved