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Instant File Searcher Professional - The Instant File Search Solution

Instant File Searcher Professional is a powerful search engine for files and folders stored on computer.


  • 100% Virus FREE Software
  • Simply and intuitive GUI
  • Search by Name - Extension - Date and time - Size in Bytes/KB/MB/GB/TB - Creation time - Modification time - Lower or equals and Higher or equals values
  • Very faster search using the Smart File Search technology, analysing file per file stored
  • Mini Windows Explorer integrated in the results, with context menu, double click to explore the item
  • Advanced results search module, searching on all items, the matched result
  • Shows the number of found files and folders, including the size
  • Multi extensions support, and pre-loaded many options
  • Double click in the results, and explore the item
  • Multi-threaded search engine in all computers
  • Show item type / path / size in the results
  • OS Culture in the date and time is enabled
  • Exact and Similar search options
  • Memory cleaner after the search
  • Export the results to csv file
  • Can work with custom sources
  • Search by day - month - year
  • Low system resurces use
  • Pre-loaded system paths
  • Search on results
  • Stop the search

OS Compatibility:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008 / 2011 Family
  • Embedded and Others based in Windows Vista / 7 / 8

* All versions / editions, including x64 systems of listed OS
 * .NET Framework v4.0 is required

Latest Release Changelog:

v1.3 [2012/01/24]

- Optimized the search engineering
- Updated the core code

Latest hashes for Instant File Searcher Professional v1.3.exe

CRC32: 41D36E87
MD5: CD073F6D991B8DB4C0061825E5A4C0E3
SHA-1: 46ACFA61A1EF124CD24EA9F6EF8C1F339BFE2722