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StartOnDesktop - The Cleanest Solution to Start on Desktop

StartOnDesktop will enable the desktop to be displayed every logon instead of the start menu of Windows 8.

  • On the Windows 8 systems, the first screen that appears every logon is the Start Menu, preventing the standard desktop to load the startup applications, making the process a little slow for some machines.
  • Thinking about it, arises the StartOnDesktop tool, thatcleanly can enables or disables the Start Menu from the logon without touch, modify or tamper any file instantly with one click.
  • The process is much easier and requires no restart, just open the application and click on the 'Enable' button!

  • No external program, service or task is created. Just is made a little modification on one registry key.
  • Instant process and requires no restart, the feature is ready after enable or disable.
  • Only touches on one registry entry that stores the logon files. The explorer.exe is doubly started to skip the Start Menu.
  • Undo the changes in any time just clicking on 'Disable' button.
  • Immersive applications will continue working after the operation.
  • No possibility to damage really the system, you can enable or disable in any time!
  • Too small! Only ~40KB compressed.

  • Windows 8 Client and Server.
     * All Editions / Versions, including x64 systems.
     * Requires .NET Framework v4.0. Is included on Windows 8 natively.
     * This software has been hard-tested on several machines on all supported operating systems versions.

Latest Hashes for StartOnDesktop.exe
  • CRC32: D51AEB7D
  • MD5: D0A03535FFAA27C430611F8572D47AB1
  • SHA-1: 674AA4EC47353B629C8B00CF04920850C13EB799
Latest Release Changelog:

v1.0 [2012/11/01]

- First release.