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Starting the Code Sharing project

Hi for all users of Josh Cell Software's applications. I am Michel Oliveira, the Software Developer and admin from this website.

For more than one year, I have worked on this website in a closed source based applications.

Now I have some interesting developments with many routines and methods.

Some part of the codes I can share with the world and I will start posting some methods for .NET developers on this area.

In a first concept, I am able to work with C# / ASP .NET / VB .NET / Scripting etc.

This area will be open to any user that have interest learning Programming Languages to professionals in the IT Technology that have interest on this posts.

I have so much experience with Desktop applications programming including the security area and assembly protection.

My preferred language is C#. I also recommend it for beginners that have interest on an ease and productive runtime using the .NET platform that offers an extensive content for encapsulated programming concept.

Best Regards,

Michel Oliveira.

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