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WinUSB Maker - The Windows Setup to USB Solution

WinUSB Maker, is a tool to make dynamically any Removable Device / External HDD as bootable with Windows Setup.

Here's the BETA 2 release of the WinUSB Maker v2.0

New Features:

  • Without any OS File-Mod - Your OS is clean transloaded to USB device.
  • USB OS Transload compatible with Windows XP / Vista / Server / 7 / 8.
  • Low memory and CPU usage for an fast OS Transload.
  • Metro-UI Based compatible with Windows XP.
  • Compatile with all Microsoft OS with .NET Framework v4.0.
  • Backup and Restore is compatible only with the same device.
  • MSDOS and GRLDR (Grub4DOS) compatible transload.
  • Memory protections and code defuse improved.

Transload Informations:

With 5.x kernel (Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Server / PE and based);

  • 01 - Transload the OS to USB Device;
  • 02 - Boot the device and install the OS bootable copy into it (More info in the screen at the boot);
  • 03 - Your USB device is ready to any install;
With 6.x kernel (Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / Server / PE and based);
  • 01 - Transload the OS to USB Device;
  • 02 - Your USB device is ready to any install.

* OS based with the Windows boot kernel is also compatible. (As Norton Ghost and Recovery Systems).

* Requires .NET Framework v4.0.

Release changes:

- v2.0 BETA 2 [2012/06/04]

Rewritten the GUI for a better english spelling (Thanks for ItielMaN @MDLForums)
Solved the Kaspersky False-Positive problem
Improved some functions
New copy module added