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UnCleaner - The Unnecessary Files Cleaner Solution

UnCleaner is a specialist software designed to remove all unnecessary files on the computer.


  • UnCleaner is a software designed to fast clean the computer removing all unnecessary files stored into it.
  • All configurations are automatic and safe, the user does not need of configure the application.
  • Using the Auto Clean feature, the system is cleaned every startup without increase the time.
  • The system is cleaned in seconds without touch on the configurations or cleaning any application data.
  • Large scale of system areas, removing permanently all log and temporary files stored by many applications.
  • Using an advanced reverse search engine, the software is the best solution for fast clean and optimize the computer.


  • Low computer resources usage on the use.
  • Fastest managed installer, one second is only needed to install the application on the computer.
  • No configuration, only install and clean is necessary for a full computer optimization.
  • Fast and quick file tracker for a better performance in a low time.
  • Automatic file analysis when start.
  • Advanced log tracker on the clean analysis.
  • Detailed File-Report with the Chart option.
  • Auto Clean feature for a silent work every startup.
  • Application updater for a good user information of new releases.

The software engine will search / clean:

  • Windows Update Downloaded & Log Files *
  • Account Temp Files for All Users
  • LocalApplicationData Log Files
  • ApplicationData SubItems Logs
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Logs
  • Windows Installer Temp Files
  • Windows Folder Log Files
  • ServiceProfiles Log Files
  • Downloaded Installations
  • Performance Log Files
  • Drivers Inf Log Files
  • ReportQueue Log Files
  • Shutdown Cache Files
  • Prefetch Cached Data
  • DataStore Temp Files
  • Explorer Temp Files
  • Narrator Temp Files
  • Shell Cached Icons
  • Shell Cached Files
  • Updates Temp Files
  • System32 Log Files
  • *.tmp Stored Files
  • Offline Web Pages
  • Cached Wallpapers
  • System Log Files
  • Panther Log Files
  • Logon Temp Files
  • WINSAT Log Files
  • MSDTC Log Files
  • Debug Log Files
  • Root Log Files
  • Wbem Log Files
  • Font Cache Files
  • Cached Folders
  • WER Log Files
  • WDI Log Files
  • CatRoot Logs
  • Recycle Bin
  • Driver Logs
  • Temp Files
     * Only with silent mode using the Auto Clean feature, preventing fails on the updates.


  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Family
  • Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2011 Family
     * All Editions / Versions, including x64 systems.
     * Requires .NET Framework v4.0.
     * This software has been hard-tested on several machines on all supported operating systems versions and service packs.

Latest Hashes for UnCleaner v1.7 Setup.exe

  • CRC32: 27FE0861
  • MD5: 6EAB0593D104745EE42308BAC7C41A28
  • SHA-1: 854F97055C29C852E34F81ED93AF0EDD9E1F3BA3

Latest Release Changelog:

v1.7 [2012/10/15]

- Now is optimized for mobile computers, only auto clean if the computer have a power supply connected
- Added an exception to Windows Updates Cleaner. Now it is only cleaned in silent mode (Auto Clean)
- Added the full support to Windows 8 using Scheduled Tasks instead of standard auto run
- Added silent switches to the installer such as "/NOWINDOW" and "/NOWINDOW-AUTOSTART"
- Hard reduced the final size using the same installer for uninstall
- Fixed a critical error on some systems with locked directories
- Added the integrity check every run preventing file violations
- Fixed the crash when the opatity level is greater than 100
- Fixed installer problems when the application is running
- Double click to browse files in File Report was added
- Optimized the clean engine using a new lookup module
- Added the Ownership method for all tracked files
- Now display the last work by Auto Clean feature
- Fixed the high CPU load when move the window
- Fixed DPI issues with large resolutions
- Added PRE-JIT methods on the CLR header
- Fixed GUI bugs when double click
- Removed the notify baloon
- Added the Donation label
- Optimized the core code
- Fixed the update server