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Josh Cell is an alias. My name is Michel Oliveira and I am a self-taught Software Developer from Brazil.

In mid-2011 born Josh Cell Softwares, a free development website that releases high quality free applications on the world.

The original company / developer name is Josh Cell Softwares. For a better English spelling formally is called of Josh Cell Software's.

Josh Cell Software's is a website where I release my developments for free without any advertising or limitations in exchange for knowledge on the development area.

I was always interested on the computer hardware maintenance.

In 2011 appears a great curiosity about the business of programming, and I start to develop free applications learning alone without any structure and programming base.

In the My Digital Life forums, I have absorbed a lot of important content to continue my career as a developer.

At first I have developed applications based in Script for Windows. 6 months after, I get to work with object-oriented language releasing many other applications on the world.

In little more than one year, I learned many stuffs with the free applications development on Josh Cell Software's projects.

Now I am walking to .NET Development areas with SQL for Desktop and Cloud applications.

I seek partnerships that can help me in the developments. I really work alone on all projects.


'We are lifelong learners'

Best Regards;

Michel Oliveira.