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For more than one year, I've booked a long time to work on the projects. In a first moment I've started the work in My Digital Life forum with the MBR Regenerator in 01/14/2011.

All projects have not ANY advertising method either on the website or in the applications, and is 100% FREE for Commercial and Non-Commercial use.

Now our database has 11 supported applications. Is very hard to make a good support for all it, and I've created the PayPal account.

If you like of my hard work, you can simply make a donation with any value using the PayPal service. Will be fine with the help of all.

So you will be contributing in the development costs that require long time and knowledge work for me. Quick support and updates is precarious because I have no more time to work on the projects, I need to work elsewhere in the moment.

There is still much work to do, including add the full support for Windows 8 and new Microsoft products as the Office 2013.

A new Code Sharing project is being worked to the website.

Also I want to say thank you for all users that have tested helped me to improve and solve problems with the projects at all.

So Best Regards,

Michel Oliveira.